Helping refugees with written documents

As a Ukrainian refugee in a new country, there are countless documents, emails and other communication that are a challenge to navigate. We help manage and write perfect documents at no cost.







Types of Requests

These are the most common requests we receive. Most requests are limited to 2-3 pages.

Job Placement 

Resumes, cover letters, inquiry emails

School Support 

Emails to secure school placement

Housing Support

Emails to secure housing

Other Documents

Written correspondence or other documents

* note that we are not legal specialists

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How It Works


Submit a request in your language, with information about what kind of help you need


One of our writers will contact you to gather more information or context before crafting the perfect document.


We will email you back within 48 hours with a new version of your document.

About Us

Home & Refuge was started by two friends, Alina Sere and Lionel Lints, in response to the devastating news coming out of Ukraine and the unprecedented rate at which Ukrainians were becoming refugees across Europe and the world. 

Alina was born in Ukraine, and moved as a refugee to the United States when she was a child. She grew up helping family and community members write and edit documents, and immediately recognized the importance of this kind of help when moving to a new country. 

Lionel is an engineer and instructor who has helped dozens of students with their writing and job placement. He quickly turned his efforts to helping refugees with similar needs. 

Volunteer to be part of the Home & Refuge writing team. 

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